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  • What Type Of Horns do you Play?
    I play the Alto, Soprano and Tenor saxophone. Im presently using the Allora Paris which has a nice full big sound
  • What type of mouthpiece do I use?
    I use the C star Selmer metal. Mouthpiece.
  • What type of reeds do I use?
    I use a 2.5 Hemkie cane reed.
  • How accessible are you to your fans?
    Normally responds within the hour.
  • What's next for Lazarro Nettles?
    The Evolution of my sound and music.
  • What keeps me going in such a volatile business?
    The love and passsion for music and wathing the many different expressions on people faces.
  • How did i get started as a recording artist in the music business?
    I began playing at an early age in church and school. Practice ! Practice ! Practice ! I started to develop my own sound and style. Every opportunity that presented itself i was there. Look for open mic music jams that allow aspiring musicians to express their talents.
  • How does one get started in the business?
    Get to know your instrument first ! do your research, search the internet and make yourself visible. Connect yourself with people that are already in business that can guide you in the right direction.
  • Where does one start to look for these types of contacts?
    Your hometown festival coordinator, music promoters, the internet has a vast selection of venues that look for live entertainment. Check your local music scene for opportunities
  • How Is life on the road?
    Life on the road can be bitter sweet. Adventure, meeting new and interesting people and a great opportunity to travel and see new places. Night after night of performing with very little rest and on to the next. It can become overwhelming very fast. The key to this business is being about your business. Stay informed and current !
Saxophonist, Extraordinaire
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